Instalacion rosetta stone

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  • Publicado : 18 de julio de 2010
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If you are asked to register or update at any time during the installation, just ignore it.
1. Copy the content of the disc to a location in your harddrive.
2. Run the file “RosettaStoneSetup.exe” which is in the “Rosetta Stone V3.3.5 for Windows” directory. Follow on-screen instructions

3. Copy and replaceRosettaStoneVersion3.exe from the Crack folder to the installation folder.

4. Rosetta Stone is now installed. The activation screen will still appear, ALWAYS select “registerlater”. You’ll be able to use any installed language regardless of the activation status.

Also, make sure you don't update or register if it asks you to do so.

1. Install the included ‘Daemon tools’ (daemon4304-lite.exe ) Follow on-screen instructions (you’ll need to restart). You need this to mount the languageimages. If you don’t want to install Daemon tools, you can burn the images in individual CD’s, if you choose to do this, jump to step No. 4.

2. Mount the image!Right-click on the daemon tools icon on you lower-right side toolbar, choose “Virtual CD/DVD ROM”, then “Device 0:”, then “Mount image”.

3. In the dialog box, go to thelocation where you saved the folders from the disc and select the language level you want.

4. Start Rosetta Stone. (Remember to select “Register Later”)

5. On theupper-right corner select “Add or Remove Languages”
Then Select “Add a language Level”.
When it ask you to insert a disc, just click next. The language level you select shouldappear in the next window, here select “Install selected language”

You have to repeat these steps to install other levels or languages.
6. You’re done!!. Enjoy !!!.