Instalar lcd a ipod nano

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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LCD Installation Guide

How To Install Your New LCD Screen

PLEASE PRINT OUT A COPY OF THE MANUAL BEFORE INSTALLATION For Customer Service and Technical Support email: orphone: 408.850.6232

Stage 1: Setting up the Tools
Thank you for choosing FastMac. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or comments you may have while installing your new LCDscreen for your Nano.




Lay out the tools provided in the package (razor blade not included).

2. Press and hold the play/pause button to place the iPod in sleep mode. Locate thehold switch on top of the iPod and turn to the on (orange) position.




Insert a razor blade (not included), carefully insert the tip between the white plastic and the metal casing ofthe iPod.

4. Slowly lower the blade into the crevice and
carefully pry away from you.

Processor Install Manual • 1

Stage 2: Removing the Case



5. You will see the adhesive beginto separate. Slowly work your way around the edges, prying up gently as you go. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to complete the removal process. Set the top cover aside.

6. Turn the iPod over andrepeat step 3.



7. Locate the two screws on the top of the iPod. Remove them and set aside.

8. Locate the two screws on the bottom of the iPod. Remove them and set aside.

ProcessorInstall Manual • 2

Stage 3: Removing the Logic Board



9. Very carefully, insert a flat-head screwdriver in the location shown in the picture and work the plug out slowly. BE CAREFUL!This piece will remain attached via a very thin ribbon cable.

10. Locate the small screw inside the chassis. It is well hidden. Remove this screw and set aside..



11. Carefully prythe thin metal bracket up and away. Set aside.

12. Gently insert a flat-head screwdriver as shown in the picture. You will not be able to see the connector, but it is there. Very carefully, lift up...