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Job Instructions for

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Revised Operation Author Helium Leak Tester Field label Effective Job Inst # ProcedureControlled document JI-IV-71 Production Field label Expiration Field label You can personalize these header fields!!! Related documents: Folder: Comments Gloves must be worn at all times when handlingproduction brazed assemblies. Refer to PROCEDURE: PRE-PRODUCTION (Job Instr JI-IV-71A) for steps that must be performed at the beginning of each shift and after any machine repair. Important: Do not copy,move, or delete this special Comments textbox. You can, however, increase its size - by increasing the row height. Step Step 1 Instructions Step Step 2 Instructions

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Filename: JobInstructions020Ltest4.xls, From Systems2wintemplate: JobInstructions.xls, Worksheet: Sample, Page 1 of 4.

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