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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2011
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All the manuals of Tele Hypnosis Pro and help, including the add-on: compilation of the best of the Forum of Tifareth I, and including too themanual of the Enhanced Radionic Index Number Seeker (E.R.I.N.S.) are situated within the "HELP" subfolder.

The E.R.I.N.S. program add-on is situated within the main folder of Tele Hypnosis Pro DeLuxe.

The rest of symbols, telesmatic images and sigils add-ons, are situated within the "Xtras" subfolder.

Remember that in the subfolder "symbols" is where you must allocate all the symbols thatafter you want to use with the program; all the symbols situated in the "symbols" siubfolder when you execute the program will be avalaible to use.

By default, the first set of astrological signsincluding the 7 planetary symbols and the 12 astrological signs are the only symbols situated in the symbols subfolder. To use the rest of the symbols, sigils and telesmatic images that are included inthe add-ons situated in the "Xtras" subfolder, you must copy the desired symbols and sigils to the "symbols" subfolder, so you can use them within the program.

The instructions and characteristicsof the sets of sigils add-ons are included in each folder of each add-on.

So to be able to use the advanced sigils included in the add-ons, remeber again to check which sigils you want to use, andcopy them to the "symbols" folder; if you don't do that, you won't be able to use those sigils and symbols with Tele Hypnosis Pro.

LIST OF THE EXECUTABLES FILES IN THE MAIN FOLDER OF THE PROGRAM:rin.exe, standard program to find the Radionic Index Number (R.I.N.) of a person.

rin640.exe, special version of the program to find the R.I.N. in 640*480 resolution for computers havinggraphics problems with the normal R.I.N. program, especially useful for portable computers.

erins.exe, this is the executable of the add-on: Enhanced Radionic Index Number Seeker.

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