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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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Intel® Multi-Core Technology

Permanently altering the course of computing as we know it, Intel® multi-core technology provides new levels of energy efficient performance, enabled by advancedparallel processing and 2nd generation high-K + metal gate 32nm technology. Incorporating multiple processor execution cores in a single package delivering full parallel execution of multiple softwarethreads, Intel multi-core technology enables higher levels of performance, dividing the power typically required by a higher frequency single core processor with equivalent performance.
With Intel® TurboBoost Technology, depending upon the work load, the power and frequency can be distributed across many cores or focused on fewer cores through the use of power gating—an internal power managementunit that can “turn off” power to entire cores. An Intel® Turbo Boost Technology enabled processor can boost performance on the core or cores still active by raising the clock speed. Intel®Hyper-Threading Technology(Intel® HT Technology) can additionally increase efficiency by executing two software threads on a single core to get more done with less power than if separate cores were active.Together, these technologies provide a breakthrough experience in performance and responsiveness for notebook and desktop PCs, workstations, and servers.
By innovating future architectures that can holddozens or even hundreds of processors on a single die, we're ensuring that Intel® technologies will continue to keep pace with demands well into the future.

Intel ® Multi-Core TechnologyPermanentemente alterar el curso de la computación como la conocemos, la tecnología Intel ® multi-core proporciona nuevos niveles de rendimiento eficiente de la energía, habilitada por avanzadas deprocesamiento paralelo y segunda generación de la puerta metálica high-k de 32 nm de la tecnología. La incorporación de múltiples núcleos de ejecución del procesador en un solo paquete la entrega plena...
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