Inteligencia emocional

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  • Publicado : 19 de marzo de 2011
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You know a lot about Emotional Intelligence as well as Ecological issues in order to save our planet; but "..are always intelligent ......our ecological decitions???..."Let's talk today about "Ecological Intelligence"
First remember some issues when it comes to be green, because "intention can beeasier than actions";
-think when you decide to buy a T shirt made 100% organic cotton, because we all agree than organic is better for Earth; and it is true because in a convencional cotton-farmingpesticides kild the soil;
-but green label doesn't tell you the whole history: even organic cotton requieres about 10,000 litres of water to grow enought fiver for 1 T shirt; and it may have been dyedusing industrial chemicals; and, coud be transported from China using fosil fuels.
-with this new information would you still consider the T shirt green?????? Would you still buy it???--------------------------------------------------------------------
Could you think in another every day decisions examples?????
-Maybe......The organic food that you buy at the supermarket, and grow 1000kilometers away in another country; and, was moved by truck........... .......instead of buying from ourlocal farmers........even if they are not organics yet????
What about the brown sugar that you use with your coffee.........maybe it was originally blanched with chemicals, and later tinted brown withmore chemicals..... in order to look healtly....
There are difficult questions; as well as the debate over what is and isn'tgreen????...........That's because our global economy make complex products in a complex supply chain, and we can't comprehend the consequences for ourselves and the planet.....we can't understand the...
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