Inteligencia emocional

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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2010
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I believe that emotional intelligence is very important today, because if we apply in our daily lives, we can obtain better results with regard to the problemswe face in it.
Emotional intelligence is the key to determining our thinking, making many of us realize that we would never have imagined details that havesuch importance and influence on our behavior. You can learn from it, taking into account the situations in which man through using it (perhaps unconsciously) tosolve or aggravate conflicts, circumstances, conditions, etc. in which the current time.
Certainly emotional intelligence shows people all the factors thatdetermine people's attitudes. Personally I never believed that we are all so similar both psychologically and emotionally, yet we think so differently. Theimportance of the emotional intelligence revolves around the relation that exists among feeling, character and moral instincts. The impulse is the instrument of theemotion; the seed of every impulse is a feeling that explodes for being expressed in the action. The capacity to control the impulse is the base of the willand the character. The root of the altruism is found in the empathy, the capacity to interpret the emotions of the others; if it does not feel the need or thedesperation of the other, not worry exists. Two moral positions exist: self-control and compassion.
In conclusion, this book helped me reflect a lot about humanthought, giving me examples firm and at the same time easy to get to understand how the complex and sophisticated human mind with great emotional intelligence.
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