Inteligencia Emocional

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  • Publicado : 15 de octubre de 2012
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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence 2.0
Do you know what emotional intelligence is and how it can improve your life?Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is made up of four skills: selfawareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Emotional Intelligence 2.0delivers a step-by-step process of how to develop these four skills. When you purchase the book, you’ll receive a code that unlocks your own EQ assessmentdeveloped by TalentSmart. Combined with the insights from the book, you’ll pinpoint the strategies that will increase your EQ. You can read the book in onesetting, but you’ll use it most as a reference that you can refer to for many years.

How increasing your emotional intelligence will help you:
o o o oUnderstand your own emotions in the moment and how you typically respond to them Stay flexible and react positively to different challenging situations andpeople Pick up on the emotions of other people and understand what is going on with them Have better interactions with people, handle conflict, and communicatemore clearly

Where to get Emotional Intelligence 2.0:
Order Emotional Intelligence 2.0 from or purchase it from your local bookseller.Ideas for using Emotional Intelligence 2.0:
o o o

Do the assessment and read the book with a group that you join or organize Participate in a developmentopportunity offered by your campus that utilizes this tool Use the tool on your own then seek some coaching to help you apply what you learn