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Flash Parameters


User Actions

1. When the user enteres de Studio, the following method must be called. This method adds the participant to theshow, and sets the user’s status do “onStudio”.

addParticipant($usr_id, $shw_id)

2. When the user leaves the studio, or the show is “cancelled” or “closed” by the director, then thefollowing method must be called to change the user’s status.

removeParticipant($usr_id, $shw_id)

3. Whenever the user’s info is asked for (such as when then user’s camera is set to be seen inthe video grid) the user’s profile information will be asked for. This could actually be done just once and cached in the studio, or it could be asked for every time.

getUserInfo($usr_id)4. Whenever a user’s camera is set as the default video feed for a show, the user’s status must be set to “onAir”, and whenever it stops being sent it must be set back to “onStudio”.setOnAir($usr_id)

Show Actions

5. The director enters or leaves the studio for the show, allowing then for other participants to enter the studio also (as long as heis inside the show’s studio).

6. The show must become on/off air when the director decides to start or stop de video broadcast.showOnAir($shw_id);
showOffAir($shw_id, shw_duration);

Materials Actions:

7. When the materials list is updated (either when a user enters the studio, or when a new participantenters and the directors materials are updated), the material’s list must be obtained.


Flash Player

Flash Parameters

$usr_id (may be null)$shw_id

8. When the flash player starts, it will call a method that will both return the show’s information, as well as automatically increment the show’s views. At the moment the user info will...
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