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Common Terms and Definitions


Special Additions - This logo signifies bulls that are a part of the ABS Special Additions semen collection and marketing program.

ORIgen – This logo signifies the sires that are accessed through the ORIgen marketing network.

Elgin - These bulls are part of the ABS/Elgin Alliance. Semen has been produced by Elgin Breeding Service.Angus Sire Alliance - ABS reached an agreement with Circle A Ranch to market the winners of their innovative Angus Sire Alliance program. The Angus Sire Alliance has put together one of the most comprehensive progeny test programs in the industry; by using economic modeling programs and relative economic weights they have combined the various genetic components into an overall Profitability Value(or EPD).

Calving Ease - Star ratings are a subjective estimate of a bull's calving ease. In assigning stars, objective data (such as birth weight and calving ease information for heifers and cows) is used. Stars may generally be interpreted as follows:

**** Bull proven for a high level of calving ease based on calving ease scores, birth weight EPD, and accuracy level.

*** Bull who can beused on heifers of the same breed.

** Bull who can be used on cows - no assists should be expected.

* Bull who should only be used on mature cows - expect large birth weights.

Carcass Rating - Steak ratings are a subjective estimate of a bulls overall carcass merit based on his percentile ranking within his breed for carcass traits and/or ultrasound body composition.

In the Angusbreed, bulls receive one steak for Marbling/IMF, REA and %RP, if they rank in the top 50% of the breed. They also receive an additional steak if they rank in the top 25% for Marbling/IMF.

Red Angus, Charolais, Gelbvieh and Limousin bulls receive one steak each for Marbling, REA and Fat, if they rank in the top 50% of the breed and an additional steak if they rank in the top 25% for Marbling.Simmental bulls receive one steak each for MARB, REA and PRC, if they rank in the top 50% of the breed and an additional steak if they rank in the top 25% for MARB.
Polled/Scurred - These bulls are polled with scurs.

Homozygous Polled - These bulls have a 99.9% of being homozygous polled, having been test mated to horned and heterozygous polled cows. You should expect these bulls to sire allpolled calves.

Heterozygous Polled -These bulls are polled but carry one horned gene. They may sire calves with horns when mated to cows that also carry the horned gene.

Double Polled - These bulls are young, unproven sires whose sire and dam are both polled. Through progeny testing, we will be able to determine if they possess two polled genes (homozygous polled) or one polled and onehorned gene (heterozygous polled).

Homozygous Black - These bulls have a 99.9% probability of being homozygous black, having been test mated to red and heterozygous black cows or tested with Genmark technology. You should expect these bulls to sire black calves when mated to non-diluted red or black cows.

Heterozygous Black - These bulls are black but carry one red gene. When mated tonon-diluted red cows, 50% of their calves should be red and 50% black.

Dilution Gene - The dilution gene causes cattle with black coat color to be diluted to gray, and red to be diluted to yellow. Non-diluter cattle will appear black or dark red, while those that carry a single or double dilution gene will appear gray or yellow.

Non-diluter – A red animal that has been bred to black cows and hassired no gray progeny. A red animal that is the offspring of two black parents is a non-diluter.

Composite - A breed made up of at least two component breeds, designed to retain heterosis in future generations without crossbreeding and is maintained as a purebred.

MPPA (Most Probable Producing Abilities) - An estimate of a cow's future productivity based on her past productivity of...
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