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when Mr Hiram B ortis , the American Ambassador bought canterville chase , everyone told him he was doing a very foolish thing . there was no doubt the place was haunted .indeed , lord canterville himself had mentioned the fact to mr otis when they were discussin the sale.

we haven`t lived in the place ourselves ^^ , said Lord canterville ^^since my great-aunt was frightened by the ghostwhile she was dressing for dinner .the fright madeher very ill, and she never really recovered. I am afraid I must also tell you , Mr otis , that has been seen by several living members of my family , as well as by the local priest^^
^^My lord^^ answered the ambassador , ^^ I will take the furnitureand the ghost for the price set byan independent valuer .I come from a modern country where everything has its valu in money. If there is such a thing as a ghost in Europe , an American will buy it ^^
^^My lord^^, answered the ambassador , ^^I will take the furniture and the ghost for the price set by an independent valuer . I come from a moder country where every thinghas its value in money . If there is such a thing as a ghost in Europe , an American will buy it ^^
Lord cantervillesmiled ^^I am afraid there really is a ghost ^^ he said ^^ It has been weññ known for three centuries, since 1584 in fact. It always appears before the death of any member of our family^^ ^^Well, so does the family doctor , no doubt , Lordcanterville . But the doctor is real , unlike the ghost ^^ a few weeks after this, the sale was completed. The ambassador and his family went tocanterville chase. Mrs Otis had been _ as MissLucretia R tappen of west 53rd street- a well-known New york beauty. She was now a fine-looking middle-aged woman.Indee, in many ways she looked like an English lady-an excellent example of the fact that there is very little difference between us and the Americans nowadays, except , of course, the lenguage. Her eldest son, Washington, was afair-haired rather good-looking young man, well know , even in London , as an excellent dancer . He was extremely sensible , excpet about certain flowers and the noble families of Europe.Miss Virginia was a little girl of fifteen, with the quickness and beauty of a young deer , and a fine freedom in her large blue eyes . She was a wonderful sportswoman . When the young Duke of Cheshire saw her taking herhorse over the jumps, he was so delighted that he immediately asked her to marry him. He was at onc sent back to school by his uncles.After Virginia came the twins .These two schoolboys , like the ambassador, had very little respectfor noblemen , or anybody else. Canterville Chase is elevenkilometres from the nearest railway station , so Mr Otis had telegraphed an order for a large carriage to beat the station , and they started their drive very happily . It was a lovely July evening; birds sang in the trees , and rabbits played on the sunlit hills . But as they entered the park of canterville Chase the sky became suddenly darkened by clouds , a curious stillness seemed to fill the air,and before they reached the house , some big drops of rain had fallen. An old woman was on thesteps to greet them . She wore the black dress of a housekeeper. It was Mrs Umney. Lady Canterville had asked Mrs Otis to continue her employment as housekeeper. ^^wolcome to canterville chase ^^she said, and led them through the hall into the library.Tea was ready for them here, and they sat down and began to look round the room while Mrs umney poured tea for them. ^^yes, madam^^replied the housekeeper in a low voice ^^it is a bloodstain^^ .^^How nasty^^ cried Mrs Otis ^^ i don`t like bloodstains in a sitting room . It must be cleaned up at once^^ The old woman smiled , and answered in the same low, mysterious voice, ^^ It is the blood of Lady Eleanore de canterville , who was murdered on the exact spot by her own husband, Sir simon de canterville , in 1575. Sir...
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