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Love is:
close your eyes and see your eyes.
Feel how light your eyes in mine,
is knowing that I look like still water.

Love is:
fuse two hearts in one heartbeat
the warm air is a shared sigh,
stoking the fire is lit.

Love is:
feel you by my side but you have already gone.
Is to extend my hand and pat asleep.
lay on your chest and dream with me.
But most of all love, isHaving A had.
Is heard in your footsteps lost Hugs
and silence and seek forgiveness in your coat
is a simple smile with love;
but is the caress of a friend
is the right word that makes sense;
or just the silence that you hear without trial
waiting for the embrace that gives peace and respite.
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3 cups rice
3 1 / 2 cups of coca cola
milk cream
nuts, optional
ham diced, optional
pearl onions
green pepper

Placed in skillet over low heat one tablespoon of butter until melted, add the pearl onions and green pepper diced cut and is a rehash.

Cooking is made with rice 3 1 / 2 cups of coca cola, the refrito, oiland salt. ready when you add raisins, nuts, and ham.

When serving, I added a small jar of cream.
You decorate with the red and green peppers, and also with grapes.


Dog description

The Chow Chow walks like walking on stilts and dressed as the opera. Anyone who likes fur coats look enviously at the great coat of this dog. There are two varieties depending on hair length, andboth are hard hair and undercoat. Allowed five colors, red, shades of blond to brown, black, blue, cinnamon (from tan to dark tan), cream and white.
In China, the Chow Chow was used to monitor the typical three-masted boats and vigorous dog sled to haul them, their flesh was eaten and also traded with their skin. The plight of the ancestors and therefore the lack of affection of a master, haveovershadowed the character of this beautiful dog, what is shown as a bit expansive, detached, indifferent to the game. Is nevertheless, a faithful dog, sincere, very fond of the master. Reluctantly supports the leash and muzzled. Instead it is polite, clean and patient.


Madrid, March 13, 2008
Subject: Request for assistance Opening

Mr. Alfonso Garcia
Director of theCentral Bank of New York

Workers at the pizzeria "Al dente" We want to convey this invitation, because of the imminent opening of our pizza. we thank you for your support over the years, and the trust you placed in us by giving us the loan. As will be seen, the new pizzeria "Aldente" is no longer a dream and is finally a reality. No doubt you attend the event with his wife and children. After theinitial conversation, by curl Trunks, will act as clowns for children, canapés and music for dancing. Late in the afternoon, in honor of you, attend the event a group of women of moral distracted, we know in advance you will like.
No more to add, I say goodbye cordially waiting your reply.

A big hug

Workers' Aldente. "


De: Arturo Vasco <>
Para:ClaraLópez<>;Celia Hermida <>
Enviado: miércoles, 01 diciembre de 2005 11:46
Asunto: Nueva dirección de correo electrónico
Mi nueva dirección de correo electrónico es:
Arturo Vasco
calle Mayor 197 - "Urbanización "Los Caudales"
28292 El Escorial (Madrid) España
Teléfono: +34 91 874 3520
Fax: + 34 91 874 5301


The article is to be analyzed is called Gordos and is written by Juan Manuel de Prada, a columnist for the magazine The Weekly. The article in question has been removed from this magazine, and belongs to the 23th edition last December 2003.

The author shows in this article a social reality, discrimination against the overweight or obese. On the one hand, tells how...
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