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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Pole Type


ECR Interface Scale
One display comes standard and it is possible to install another display on the side. Alsothe remote pole type display is available for PD-II
as an option. The display on the side can tilt it self making it easier to



Communication Ports
RS 232C 4 Bit Parallel (ECR interface)

Dual Display (Side) Remote Pole Type DisplayTiltable Display

15 lb (6kg) 30 lb (15kg) 60 lb (30kg) 150 lb (60kg)


6lb 0.002lb 15 lb 0.005lb

15 lb 0.005 lb 30lb 0.01lb
6kg 2g 15kg 5g

30 lb 0.01lb 60 lb 0.02 lb
15kg 5g 30kg 10g

60 lb 0.02lb 150lb 0.05lb
30kg 10g 60kg20g

3kg 1g 6kg 2g

Interval Resolution External Resolution Display Display Lamps Power Supply Platter Size (mm) Product Size (mm) ProductWeight (kg) Temperature ( ) Interface

1/ 90,000 1/ 3,000 Dual VFD 6 Digits ST(STABLE), ZERO, NET, kg, lb AC 120V / 60Hz 380 (W) x 280 (D)380 (W) x 280 (D) x 79 (H) 6.7kg -10
~+ 40 RS-232C, 4 Bit Parallel Communication (ECR interface)

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Specifications are subject to change for improvement without prior notice. 2003. 8
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