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Politics, law and business ethics

A political system includes the structures, processes and activities by which a nation governs itself.

Politics and culture are closely related because itspolitical system is rooted in the historyand culture of its people.

Political ideologies

totalitarianism: the belief that every aspect of peoples lives must be controlled for a nations politicalsystem to be effective. People are slaves of the political system. (comunism and fascism)
Anarchism: the belief that only individuals and private groups should control a nations political activities.Pluralism: this comes between totalitarianism and anarchism. The belief that both private and public groups play important roles in a nations political activities. (democracies, constitutionalmonarchies and some aristocracies)

Totalitarianism: individuals govern without the support of the people, tightly controls peoples lives and do not tolerate opposing viewpoints. Ex: myanmar and northkorea. Political power totally centralized

Imposed authority: power through military force or fraudulent elections. This is without the approval of the people.
Lack of constitutional guarantees:this type of systems deny citizens the constitutional guarantees woven into the fabric of democratic practice. Theres no freedom of expression
Restricted participation: political representation islimited to parties sympathetic to the government.

2 most common types of totalitarian political systems.

Theocratic totalitarianism: this happens when a countrys religious leaders are also itspolitical leaders. The set of regulations and laws are set based on religious beliefs. A political system under the control of totalitarian religious leaders is called theocratic totalitarianism. Ex. IranSecular totalitarianism: this happens when political leaders rely on military and bureaucratic power. It takes three forms.

Communism: the government mantains sweeping political and economic...
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