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Commitment to Quality

We want to be reliable, efficient and competitive providers, among the world leaders in the food industry, while achieving our targets through the ISO 9001Quality ManagementSystem.

Our commitments are:

With the ISO 9001 Quality Management System
Consistently and systematically applying the policies, requirements and procedures of our Quality Manual.

Withthe Culture of Continuous Improvement
Continuously improving all our business processes with the participation and teamwork of all members of the Corporation.

With our Customers
Meeting theirrequirements through procedures that are duly documented and applied to all our procurement, storage, production, packaging, transport, quality control, sales and post-sales service procedures.

Withthe diversification of our product offering
Developing new products that meet the current and / or future demands of our customers.

With our Employees
Permanently training them and promotinga work environment that is participatory and recognizes effort in a safe and pleasant work environment that encourages continual creativity and innovation, while creating development opportunities forall.

With our Agricultural Suppliers
Promoting fair exchange policies and improving their activities through training and ongoing technical support.

With our Shareholders
Increasing thevalue of the company and respecting the ethical work standards established by senior management.

With the Environment and Society
Complying with legal norms and with responsible support of thecommunity and its ecosystem.

Close the investigation in the complaint register log and electronic database (if applicable).

4.1.3 Internal Notification

An internal memorandum must be send by QAManager or designate alerting all members of the GMP/Quality committee that a complaint has been received and must be monitored by the GMP/Quality committee.

4.1.4 Complaint Tracking and follow...
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