International commercialization

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I. Introduction.
As students of international relations and foreign trade in particular, when asked to reflect on all aspects relevant to the internationalization of a company wanting to export their products and/or services to a particular country and thereby take the first steps in international trade, the first question that comes to mind is: will there be place in the international marketfor that product and/or service in specific?. Is here where the market research and the importance of identifying a potential market are essential for a good decision-making and of course, to maximize the chances of success.
However, it is too risky to enter the field of market research without having established a clear concept of what a market. So, ask yourself:
What is a market?
In terms ofthe area that concerns us as students of international trade, the market can be defined as:
The transactions of a certain good or service, as well the relationship between supply and demand for such goods or services. Is the evolution of a set of movements to the upside and downside given about the exchange of specific goods or services and also a function of time or place. Looks like thedefinition of a product market, a regional market or market sector. This reference is parsed; it can be quantized, defined and even is possible to influence it.
We classify markets based on:
• Geography: local, regional, national or global.
• Offer: can be goods or services.
• Competition, in the markets there are perfect and imperfect competition. The first is mainly theoretical, and itsparticipants regulate the free interplay of supply and demand to reach a balance. In the second, it requires state intervention to regulate certain deficiencies which, by their own interests, could distort a party.
Based on the above any project you wish to undertake, particularly for export (topic which is our object of study) must have a market study to let you know in which environment will move, butespecially if the sales opportunities are real and if the goods or services may be placed in the intended amounts, so as to meet the purposes of the entrepreneur.

II. Market Research.
Before starting to make plans for an "x" company to move into the international market is necessary the market research, but what is the main objective of a market study?
The research objectives can be dividedinto three:
• Social Objective: Know the customer needs by either a good or service required, i.e. the product or service knows the requirements and desires required when used.
• Economic objective: To determine the economic success or failure grade that can have a company when entering a new market or introducing a new product or service and thus know more accurately the actions to be taken.
•Administrative Objective: To help develop your business through proper planning, organization, control of resources and areas that comprise it, to cover market needs in a timely manner.
We expect the market research we provide information to:
• Having a clear idea of the number of consumers who will purchase the good or service that you plan to sell within a defined space for a medium-term periodand at what price they are willing to get it.
• The study will indicate whether the features and specifications corresponding to the service or product satisfy the customer.
• It will indicate what types of clients are interested in our goods, which will guide the production of our business.
• Provides information about the appropriate price for our good or service and compete in the market,or impose a new price for some good reason.
• When the study is done as an investment purpose, it helps to know the right size of the installations, with projections for the future expansions, expected consequences of growth of the company.
• A market study must set out the distribution channels used for the type of good or service to be placed and what is its function.
In short, we can...
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