Internet business technology

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Brief interview of how to begin and manage a new business thanks to the power of internet.





• Introduction

• Interview
o Main relation to an internet business
o Power of internet, advantages and drawbacks
o Ways of attracting clients to abusiness
o Competitors
• Linkage to the theories

• Conclusion

• Reference list


Internet has changed the social and economic networks; the world has become a more interconnected world. Networks have increased surprisingly. Social networks have been changed by the internet in several aspects, indirect communication, new ways of meeting people, maintainingcontacts with old friends, even direct communication through new complex programs such as skype, messenger or diverse chats in the Web.

On the other side, Internet has launched a new way of understanding business. The expansion of the Internet has been exponential; there are new pages, blogs, and programs, which flourish everyday in order to try or not to make a living of the Internet.

Sinceits birth, many companies have used it to expand their boundaries as it is a source for new potential businesses, and it is easier for them to expand through this interconnected system.

Internet is a tool which provides new spaces and new ways of selling and buying, advertising, informing, communicating and investigating how businesses can reach to people.

It is the consequence of anincredible growth of new markets, millions of new potential customers, transaction of information, faster communication without the necessity of mobility lowering transaction costs, and other facilities internet has implemented into the business environment. However, in spite of the advantages that internet has given to business people, we really do not know if we can take advantage of this newlyinterconnected world, us as students and new potential business people.

Therefore, when I first thought about what kind of subject I was interested in for my Internet Business Technology paper, I thought that it would be interesting to try and make a study about how a small firm arises through this unknown world for many people.

So, the problem statement we are going to face in this paper is howcan we create a new business through the Internet, how does it work, how can we obtain potential customers, how are we going to advertise our business, and other subjects related to this topic.

After a bit of research, I realized that my paper should focus on a good friend of mine whose name is Fernando Cotroneo, he actually works as an Art Director in a Design study, situated in Guadalajara(Spain), but on his free time he works as a Freelance, which is basically an autonomous job where he designs projects for clients. Hence, I decided to interview this friend to try and obtain a broad view of the company he works for, how does it really work, which problems do they have to face, how do they deal with competitors, etc ; I would like to take a broad view of how could someone create a newbusiness through the Internet.

Personally, I think the topic chosen is an interesting topic as it tries to explain a way of introducing a new business through the Internet, something which maybe in the future could be of interest for us.


Questions done by Dimas Fernández-Galiano, answers by Fernando Cotroneo:

Question 1. Dimas Fernández-Galiano (DFG): - Welcome Fernando andthanks for letting me do this interview; to begin we would like to ask who are you and what is your main relation to an Internet business? Is your business of Freelance legal?
Fernando Cotroneo (FC): - My name is Fernando, I am 24 years old and it has been 8 years since I started introducing myself in the design world. Lately I just finished my studies of “Graphic Advertising”, I work as an Art...
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