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The widespread use of the internet has given people Access to information on a level never experienced before, how does this increase the availability of information influence life in today’s world?The internet is a global web of computers, that allows the users to communicate and share information whit others users , this information has no limits and no restrictions and it can beaccessed from everywhere and the only thing that a person needs to access the web is a computer, but there are some consequence of this “easy access” to information and one of the most importantconsequence is the influence that this quantity of information has in the society so the question is, does the internet has made the life better or it has brought more disadvantages than benefits in ourlives?. I think that The technological revolution that the internet has brought has made the daily life much easier than it was before, for me there are two main reasons that show the benefits ofinternet one of them is that we can communicate everywhere and any time and the second is that the internet actually benefits the education and I will explain why I think these reasons benefits ourlives.
First, the internet has broken the communication barriers allowing users to communicate worldwide with any person at any time, but why is this so important?, well imagine how difficultit would be for the industries to control and be aware of their plants in other countries, actually I think that it would not be any spread of the industrial sector without the internet. And talking interms of daily life, now do a business or pleasure travel is easier because you don’t have to lose contact with your family when you travel and you know that you are going to be always in constantwith your family and friends. The communication is no longer a problem with the internet and It really has shorten distances

My second point is the benefits that the internet has...
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