Internet plagiarism

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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Internet Plagiarism

Educators have a lot of amazing tools to catch all the possible ways of cheating. Teachers just have to upload the papers given by students and the computer will tell them ifit was copied from the internet or not, it will tell them from which web site was copied, what exact words were copied and what words were replaced for the student’s words in a failed attempt to foolthe teacher. So Students do not have many options, they actually have to do the assignment by them selves otherwise they will be reproved.
Copying a paper from the internet is easier than sittingdown and actually writing it, one will need time enough to do it, skills and inspiration to work it out, so, if one does not really want to work hard on an assignment copying and pasting is a powerfultool but, is it wrong to do this? Yes, it is, it is unethical and unfair with the rest of the students that actually did the paper but, many people just do not care about this, they just want to finishtheir assignment as fast and easy as possible. So, if teachers stop using services such as Turnitin there are no way students will ever stop cheating in classes. Teachers are doing well withpenalizing students who cheat and copy their assignments and exams.
Personally, I was caught once copying a paper from the internet, when the teacher showed me the way she found out, I was so embarrassed withher and so angry with my self that I never cheated again, I got a 0 in the paper and that grade pulled down my general grade in the course. So, it did work, it made me stop copying papers from theinternet and probably has worked with more students.
People have to learn that plagiarism will not lead them to a successful career; they have to be educated in plagiarism to avoid this kind ofmatter in a near future. Furthermore, there are many ways to copy correctly ideas from other papers. An incredible tool to put someone else’s ideas and phrases right into the paper one is working with,...
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