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The Internet is a group of nets connected between each other, by a special computer called gateway.
The beginning of Internet takes us to the 60’s. At the height of the “cold war”, theUnited States created a military net, so they could have access to military information, from any place in the country. This net was created in 1969, with the name of ARPANET, which we could say was thefirst version of the internet. At the beginning the net had just 4 computers in different universities. With the passing of time it got bigger and bigger. Two years later it had about 40 computersconnected together. Arpanet continued growing and expanding to the rest of the world. At this point, any person with academic purposes could have access to the net.
The net continued growing reallyfast. It grew too much, so the United States had to create another net called MILNET, which was only used for military purposes, by soldiers. So ARPANET was now used just for investigations and academicworks.
After a while, the National Science Foundation created its own net called NSFNET that absorbed ARPANET, creating a huge net with scientific and academic purposes.
In 1985, the Internet wasan established technology, but known only by few people.
The evolution and expansion of NSFNET was so big that in 1990 it had about 100.000 servers. At this same year, Robert Caillau and Tim Bernerscreated a data storage system, called World Wide Web (WWW) that permitted the storage of information in faster and better way on the net.
In 1993 Marc Andreesen created the first version of the“Mosaic” Navigator that permitted an easier access to the WWW, a better resolution of graphics, and was easier to use.
A little time later, Andreesen led the creation of the program called “Netscape”.Since this, Internet started to grow faster than any other medium of communication, becoming what it is at the present time.

Internet effect globalization in a huge way, because it
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