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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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In our times, it is hardly possible to find someone who has never heard about the Internet. Within the last two decades, the Internet became one of the most popular and demanded technologicalinnovations which are currently used by billions of people throughout the world. It is impossible to deny the fact that the Internet has had a huge impact on our life, but does it rather have a positive ornegative influence?

The internet as a technological phenomenon has some important drawbacks. First of all people can use the internet to perform illegal activities. For example, cyber stalking,identification theft, fraud or even the creation or purchase of illegal objects or substances have spread around the globe.
Secondly, it is not a safe place for children and young teenagers. Threatsof pop-ups, pornography and scams can trick the child, without mentioning the rise in paedophiles cases. Nowadays it is difficult to avoid the attempts of people to find what they want, and evenyoung children know more about Information Technology than their parents, as they can build and dismantle firewalls with ease.
Moreover, the internet can lead to an addiction for some persons who spendhours staring at their screen. Nowadays a lot of children would rather play on-line games than enjoying the playground with friends. This could not only result in health problems such as eye strain,headaches, or obesity; but it is also affects grammar and spelling which could lead to difficulties at school.
To sum up, the internet can become a harm if people do not use it properly, or do notknow how to keep away people with malicious intentions, thus falling into their trap.

However the Internet presents some undeniable advantages. First of all, it is important to mention that theInternet is a great source of information. The Internet is in constant expansion as an increasing amount of information becomes available. This is a beneficial element that allows us to stay up-to-date...
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