Interview technique

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KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEW The key to a successful interview is adequate preparation. Most employers ask the same basic questions, soprepare answers before an interview. Below is a list of questions frequently asked by employers, with some ideas on how you might answer. Avoid memorizing answers, but become confident about what youwill say so that you can leave a positive first impression. Find someone to coach you through the questions—a friend, someone at the employment resource center, or your ward or stake employmentspecialist. COMMON QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Tell me something about yourself. Develop a brief summary (two minutes or less) that includes positive work and volunteer habits. Use your “Me in 30 Seconds”statement along with “Power Statements” to answer (these are described at and in the Career Workshop). What are some of your strengths? or Why should we hire you? Know your strengths, and useyour Power Statements to prove them. Tell how you can add value to the company and how you can help make or save money. Why do you want to work for us? or What do you know about our company? Doresearch before the interview in order to give an appropriate answer. Discuss how your skills would fill the needs of that company. Use a Power Statement. What are some of your weaknesses? Explain how youhave turned perceived weaknesses into strengths. For example: “Some people say that I am too nice. But I have found that by being nice I am able to serve 14 percent more customers per shift, and Ihave 40 percent fewer complaints than my average co-worker.” What do you think of your present [or past] employer? Never criticize your last company or boss. Always use positive terms. Try using a PowerStatement for your previous employer. What do you hope to be doing in five years? Indicate how you hope to make a positive contribution to the employer’s company. For example: “I’d like to be...
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