Interview tips

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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2011
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Interview Tips
Get to know Schlumberger
Learn as much as possible about the oil and gas industry and about Schlumberger by reading news and
other information on Resources, such as the Schlumberger Life
magazine and The Insider’s Guide to the Energy Industry, will help you prepare for the interview so that you
can ask our recruitersinformed questions.
Prepare for your first Schlumberger interview
Remember, our recruiters have all been there. We know how uncomfortable interviewing can be, especially
whensomeone goes into details about your resume or application. Relax, and you'll do just fine.
We are trying to get to know you better, so we will need your help. Be sure to express yourstrengths and
skills clearly. You will also want to explain the areas you feel you need to develop. Don't be afraid to share
that with us. We know you don’t know everything, but we want toensure that you have the capacity to
learn. At Schlumberger you never stop learning.
An interview is a two-way communication, and as much about you getting the information you wouldlike
as about us getting to know you better. Schlumberger has a very distinct culture and clear values. It is
important to find out if it is an environment you would feel comfortable inand enjoy.
First interviews usually last about an hour. Second interviews usually last all day.
During the interview
Listen well. Pay attention to the questions asked and make sureyou give concise answers.
Be honest. Nobody's going to ask you if you have 20 years of experience. We know that you are just
graduating from school. Simply emphasize your strong pointsfor our benefit.
Be direct, confident, and comfortable. If you don't understand a question, ask to have it repeated.
Most importantly, be yourself. Best of luck with the interview!
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