Interview with the vampire

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Interview with the vampire
Well I chose to read the book Interview with the vampire Why? Well the title took my attention so I decided to read it.
The story is relate for a narrator and the vampire so they relate the story about the Louis who is the vampire so all began in a dark room where there are a man who is a reporter and he want to do a report about Louis, the first impression that thereporter had about the vampire was amazement because the vampire look with a white skin his factions are very fines and his eyes are greens just like both flames into a skull.
So in this moment is when the interview starting, Louis start to relate that in the year 1791 he lived in Louisiana with his sister, his brother and his mother and he’d had that took a roll of father because his father haddead, they had a plantation what was working for the slaves.
Louis’ mother and sister always were in parties on Nueva Orleans but his brother was a religious person and always was praying so Louis decided to build an oratory for his brother, so in this moment Louis’ brother starting to have some hallucinations about that he ought to sell the plantation and travel to France but Louis only didn’thave any attention so his brother was furious they fought and his brother fell so he died, Louis started to feel bad and decided to began to drink and drink, one day he walked drunk and suddenly appeared a vampire his name was Lestat who started to suck his blood till that was dying, after the sometime people found him and decided to return his home, but this night the vampire returned and he didhim a proposition that was to changed him a vampire so Louis accepted and he saw his last sunrise. Lestat needed the plantations, he needed to live in it whit his father who was blind so they arrive to the plantation and started to live in it.
Louis didn´t like to eat humans so he only ate rats and some dogs but Lestat was really sadistic he loved to eat strong young men and sometimes completefamilies in this moments the salves began to dude about Louis and Lestat. Once Lestat decided to eat a complete family is when the slaves decided to set on fire to the house where they lived so was moment to left the plantation and they traveled to Nueva Orleans is when Louis began to feel a bad felling to Lestat but he didn’t kill him it wasn’t the moment Louis needed to know more things ad he neededto Lestat.
One night Louis was really hungry and infuriated so he went out and he met a lady child that was crying because his father had dead for the epidemic and he started to suck her blood but Lestat was seeing the scene and started to laugh of Louis, Louis ran behind to him but the sunrise was near and they decided to talk about the problem the next night day.
To the next day they had anargue and Louis knew that he had feelings about the human nature but Lestat didn´t understand so it was the reason why Lestat transform the girl In a vampire and was a way to maintain to Louis with him.
Claudia, who was the lady child, had become a natal killer just like Lestat, both went out to kill people but he liked to dive up her experiences, to play the piano with Louis. One day Claudia sawa beautiful woman and he knew that she will never be like him because always will be into this child’s body.
She arrived to the house and started to question to Louis and Lestat about who had to transform her in a vampire obviously Lestat didn´t accept his responsibility but Louis told her all the story so Claudia expressed her loathing for both.
One night Claudia and Louis spoken for a longtime and they decided to escape from Lestat but Louis had a bad feeling, so one day Claudia decided to blackmail to Lestat but he knew the situation and he menaced them with kill them in this moment Claudia knew which was to be the reaction and she decided to gave him a baby who was dead for Lestat sucked his blood, but he knew that if Lestat sucked the blood of baby dead he will have less strong,...
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