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Nurse: good afternoon miss _____________ I`am nurse _______________ I’m I will insert you the DIU
Patient: Nice to meet you _______________,
Nurse: please sit down; I need get someinformation about you first.
Patient: ok, lest do it
Nurse: tell me please your name and last name.
Patient: ____________________________
Nurse: What is you identification´s number?
Patient: it is1425673850
Nurse: When and where do you born?
Patient: I born on December five of 1985, in Medellin.
Nurse: How old are you
Patient: I’m twenty-six years old
Nurse: ok, do you have anyrelationship with someone?
Patient: yes I do, I have boyfriend.
Nurse: Do you have any children.
Patient: no I don´t
Nurse: Why do you want this method if you don’t have any children?
Patient:Because, in this moment of my life, have children could be a big mistake.
Nurse: What is your job?
Patient: I`m an actress
Nurse: Do you have any bad habit like drink alcohol, smoke or any else?Patient: No I`m a healthy person
Nurse: When was your last period?
Patient: It was on February twenty four

Nurse: Ok, now I’m going to start with de process
Please go to the bathroom, urinate andplace put on this robe with the opening back
Ok please leans back in the stretcher and put the legs on the stirrups, I will place you a pillow so that will feels you more comfortable, and please tellme:
You know what is DIU?
Patient: Not very well, I only know that it is a birth-control method.
Nurse: Ok, I will give you some advantages about DIU:
It is a sure method of planning, it canlast up to ten years, it is very economic, it doesn't require any additional other method.
Nurse: you know that all procedure has risks for the body and is important that you know them to don´t bealarmed; the most usual are hemorrhages and colic during the first months.
Ok now I will begin the procedure, I will introduce you a speculate, this is to visualize your uterus well, and it will feel a...
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