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  • Publicado : 14 de octubre de 2010
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Tecnológico de Monterrey, CSF
Lina Rodríguez
29 de septiembre de 2010
Daniela Delgado Márquez
Ana Antón López
Lucero Rodríguez Martínez
Topic: Inception(The Movie)
The time the team needs: About 30 minutes aprox.
The team mentions me that this is for a project for their journalism class so that the information will be published in “días de la prepa”I allow using this information the way the team wants as long as it’s for a school work.
Interviewee: Arturo A. Torres
He is a student of the career “Cine y Television”. Hi is on fifth semester,with lot of experience. He had made five short films for school projects, he considers himself a cinema buff and he’s sure he is an expert on this subject.

Interview: INCEPTION

1. Does thebeginning of the film get your attention and interest?
Yes. You have really no idea of what is going to happen, they put you on a situation where you want to keep watching the movie so you can be ableto understand what’s going on. It stars with the end, and for me this is a way of catching the audience attention.
2. Are you able to suspend disbelief? Put another way, did you forget you werewatching a film? Or another way, did you feel like, for a moment, you were witnessing real-life experiences?
Maybe there are moments where I can believe this is real. This is because the movie’stheme is completely logical, if you think about it, what Nolan is saying in his film has total sense. However, I didn’t think I was witnessing real life experiences all the time, the film is verysurrealistic.
3. Do the characters seem real?
Yes. They are common people, like you and me. I mean, all the characters in there are an average guy or girl. For example Leonardo DiCaprio, the architectgirl, the rich guy, etc. could be anyone of us.
4. When the actors speak, are they involved in real conversations or are they just reading lines?
The actors did a really good job, you...
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