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InTouch 9.5

InTouch 9.5
Visualization Software
b Easy to use and extremely

b Unrivaled Connectivity b Flexible and Scalable b SmartSymbols Technology b Lowest Total Cost of




Wonderware’s InTouch 9.5 visualization software combines the world’s leading HMI software with cutting-edge graphical advances to enable customers to obtaintremendous improvements in operational and engineering productivity. The InTouch 9.5 HMI continues to outshine its competition with advances that include easy-to-use, object-oriented programmable graphics and powerful communication connectivity. InTouch software is an open and extensible HMI that enables flexibility in custom application design with connectivity to the broadest set of automationdevices in the industry.

InTouch 9.5 software is built on the groundbreaking ArchestrA architecture. ArchestrA technology enables users to have a unified environment that integrates information from multiple disparate sources and provides a common infrastructure and set of services. A significant competitive advantage is gainedwith the ability to design, build, deploy, maintain and standardize applications with the lowest total cost of ownership. Benefits include: ■ Easy updates to existing applications ■ Dramatically decreased costs to develop new automation projects ■ Substantially reduced implementation time This architectural approach facilitates the easy extension and expansion of existing systems to staycompetitive and increase manufacturing agility. In addition, users can quickly create applications that conform to company standards yet are versatile enough to be strategically deployed throughout an organization via the best-suited devices for increasing productivity and efficiency.

■ Operational enhancements that streamline graphical windows while greatly expanding the amount ofinformation available ■ Leverages ArchestrA technology, decreasing the amount of time and cost of creating, modifying, deploying, maintaining and standardizing software applications ■ Easy-to-use, open HMI solution that seamlessly integrates with legacy and new plant systems, enabling fast connectivity to real-time and historical information ■ Preserves engineering efforts through re-use andstandardization of graphical information ■ Robust, intuitive script editor enables expert software engineers as well as non-programmers to quickly customize application functions ■ Flexible and scalable architectures for small and large systems that can be easily expanded to meet future requirements

Powering intelligent plant decisions in real time.

Wonderware InTouch 9.5
InTouch software enables users to quickly create and deploy graphical representations of real-time industrial processes. The InTouch HMI is used throughout the world, in virtually every country and industry. Wonderware’s InTouch software is the proven world leader for HMI visualization and control of information.
Automatically Change All the Instances

Expansive GraphicalUser Interface (GUI) for Flexibility
The InTouch HMI empowers users to quickly and easily develop custom graphical views of their processes. Users can develop graphics with a variety of tools in Wonderware’s WindowMaker graphical editing program, which includes: ■ Standard graphical components ■ Bitmap images ■ ActiveX controls ■ A graphics library that contains thousands of preconfiguredindustrial images ■ SmartSymbol technology Plant employees also can leverage advanced development tools such as pan and zoom and rubber-banding to improve the speed and accuracy of application development.

Create and Modify only the SmartSymbol

Rapid Change Propagation
SmartSymbol graphics enable rapid propagation of changes throughout the application and even across multiple networked PC nodes....
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