Intro a sociologia

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Social Norms, sanctions and consequences for violations of these within a society
Social norms are defined as “the implicit or explicit rules a group or society has for the acceptablebehaviors, values, and beliefs of its members”. Social norms are like an everyday code of conduct that determines how you behave in certain situations. Social norms are often very strictly enforced andoffenders are often punished or criticized for their conduct. Also, such norms are more strictly in certain situations than in others.
These norms play a big role in our lives every day, becausesometimes these norms tend to go unnoticed. Normally norms are established standards to maintain behavior in our society, which we can call guidelines on the way we act. They are a few of different socialnorms; folkways, mores, formal norms, informal norms and laws. Folkways are norms governing everyday and tell us how to act in certain cultures. Mores in the other hand are norms needed for thewelfare and safety of society because they are guidelines and if they are not followed you will be penalized. A basic example of folkways is to break a rule and have the pressure of society like having sexwith a prostitute. However, mores is when someone commits a crime like killing someone he will receive life sentence or death penalty.
When we refers to laws we refer at the same time toformal norms due to the fact that these norms must be followed and are written down and have strictly punishment to violators. Formal norms are often formalized into laws. Nonetheless, Informal norms isbased on societies standard way of living and what is normal to us and it varies from culture, meaning that what is normal to us may be different to other society, a perfect example of this would be inthe middle east people after dinner tend to burp meaning they really enjoyed dinner and is a complement over here in the U.S. is rudeness. An example of formal norms is when you break into a store...
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