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Step 1: Description of Technology
a. Identify the nature and function of the technology:
Name of the technology system:
Function of the technology:

b. Identify and characterize the existing or proposed location of the technology:
Site location:
Surrounding land use:
Surrounding community:
Natural environment features:
Natural hazards:

c. Describe the technology (check appropriateboxes)

Existing Proposed

Source of the technology Technology indigenous to the area
Technology imported from abroad
Relatively new/unproven technology

Type of technology Based on the use of natural resources

d. In order of importance, identify the principal achievement goals for this technology and thebeneficiaries and stakeholders.

|What must the technology achieve? |Identify the beneficiaries & other stakeholders? |
|1. | |
| ||
|2. | |
| | |
|3. ||
| | |
|4. | |
| ||

|What other achievements are desirable? |Who are the beneficiaries/stakeholders? |
|1. | |
|| |
|2. | |
| | |
|3.| |
| | |
|4. | |
|| |

e. Description of the technology
Briefly describe the overall operation of the technology, and any changes that may need to be made to the technology during its operational lifecycle. Where possible, list the operations in sequential order, following the production of aproduct or service from start to finish.

f. Flow diagram of the technology
Provide a flow diagram of the overall process or service, indicating the various sub-processes/components, showing material, energy and water inputs and output flows and identifying linkages between the different components and the external environment. Complicated and detailed sub-process/components may be drawn on...
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