Introducción a la cinematografía

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The 5 Formal Axes:
1) Literary Design
2) Visual Design
3) Cinematography
4) Editing
5) Sound Design
The 4 stages of genre development:
1) Formative: genres are barely starting to form
2) Classical: straight down the line, what people expect, no goofing around
3) Mature: people start bending the rules, experiment w/ movie
4) Deconstructionist: the film critiques thegenre & its rules.
The situation comedy: (1 of the modes-> human frailty=funny):
1) Formative
2) Specific characters-> situations they get into…crisis
3) Usually identify-> oh! Part of my group of friends
4) Happy Ending-> optimism. Hope
5) Iconography: 1) Focuses on family 2) Bright setting! 3) Living room 4) Jokes (often laugh tracks)
A plot/B plot: A plot- main plotB plot- subsidiary plots/plot
Antagonist: direct contrast of the protagonist
Aristotlean curve: 1) Stasis 2) Crisis 3) Development 4) Climax 5) Resolution
Arcs: continuing storyline that will be resolved by the end of the season
Base: transparent acetate component of film (shiny). (Emulsion is on top)
Beats: Situation comedies, episodics, and serial dramas all organize their stories into rathershort segments, often less than two minutes in length.
Camera: light-tight chamber in which a drive mechanic feeds unexposed film from a reel past a lens and aperture to a take-up reel. Lens focuses light reflected from a scene onto each frame of film and the mechanic moves the film pausing while each frame holds in the aperture. A shutter lets light through the lens when each frame is immobileand ready for exposure.
Cause and effect: what happens as a result of something else
John Cawelti: author popular culture: western, science fiction, detective fiction. Univ. of Chicago. (Genre evolution)
Classical Hollywood Cinema: -protagonist/antagonist –love romance –easy to follow –specific goals – closure
Closure: Everything is resolved at the end of the film; i.e. happy ending,
The Cosby Show: Neo-Classical
Critical flicker fusion:
Cycles: the threshold of the number of flashes you can project on each frame
Diegesis: actual environment characters inhabit
Nondiegetic: background music, voice-over (hearing what they are thinking), subtitles/ credits, tint on lens
Digital Video: encodes images electronically rather than photo-chemically, images are stored as binary (0sand 1s)
Distribution: the process of marketing the film and supplying copies to exhibition venues
Exhibition: the process of showing the finished film to audiences (theater/ send it on dvd)
Domestic Melodrama: tragedy with a happy ending - tensions arise from the family unit –families are usually the microcosm of a bigger idea or moral value –personal –political value –iconography: family is thecenter, home, living room.
Emulsion: supported by base; layers of gelatin w/ light-sensitive materials.
Episode: An episode is a part of a dramatic work such as a serial television or radio program. An episode is a part of a sequence of a body of work, akin to a chapter of a book. The term sometimes applies to works based on other forms of mass media as well, as in Star Wars. Episodes of newsprograms are also known as editions.
Episodes which end in the middle of a climatic moment are often called cliffhangers, after the name used for early movie serials. Such episodes can be nearly daily occurrences in soap operas and are frequently used in season finales of many prime time shows.
Episodes can be part of a larger story arc stretched out over a time period covering one or more seasons, oreven an entire series run. This is especially prevalent in dramatic television series, including soap operas or science fiction series.
John Ford: Western director
Form- the overall system of relationships among the parts of a film. Helps create content.
Gauge- the width of the filmstrip measured in millimeters.
Genre- various types of films that audiences and filmmakers recognize by their...
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