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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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I have witnessed your death
I've seen it many times
Your tortured screams
Your decrepit little mind
I've followed strong with
But then because it bleeds
Whence in the end again
Let the pillars fall

I will see you burnedalive
Screaming for your God
I will hunt you down again for Him

God won't judge what I've down
He crawls upon my feet
A privileged pain beneath
Bury all your dead
Unsplintered bones
I walk
Sifting through the bloodBesieged to fear
Await the coming of the God!

I will watch you die again for Him

Blood is raining downward
The searing faces duck
Conquered, divide within
Terrorize the mind
I seek the end
It's your holstering in handYour self reflection now spilling from the sky

I will see you burned alive
Screaming for your God
I will watch you die

This is God's war
God's war
This is God's war
God's war

War of holyprinciples
I've seen God's helping your destruction
Slit the throat of heathen man
And let his blood dilute the water
Bury your dead

Your God
He rapes his big believe
We've switched shame with sorrow
I'll take his towers from the worldBereaved upon your death bed

This is God's war
God's war
This is God's war
God's war
The holy war

Be optimistic, happy, and calm
Show no fear or anxiety
Smile at the face of God
And your reward will beeternity
Holy warriors your patience will be justified
Everything is for Him
You must not comfort the enemy before you kill it
Strike as champions at the heart of the non-believers
Strike above the neck and at all extremities
For this is a point of no return for Almighty GodGod will give bahishti to his faithful servants
When you reach ground zero you will have killed the enemy
The Great Satan!.

Take a deep breath
'Cause it all starts now
When you pull the fuckin' pin
The shrapnel burns
As it tears into the skinEver wonder what it takes
To be questioning your faith
This is what it's like
When it happens every Goddamn day

Violence is our way of life

Shards of life
Like confetti in the air
The flesh storm grows
As itbreeds despair
You hear screams in the distance
Fighting the resistance
Not cries of war
These are just the sounds of pain

It's all just psychotic devotion
Manipulated with no discretion
Relentless War

[Lead - Hanneman]...
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