Introduction to abnormal psychology

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Los desordenes del comportamiento en el presente estan aumentando. Tenemos que hacer algo al respecto, pero antes de eso, debemos entenderlos, ahí es cuando entra la psicologíaanormal.

El campo de estudio de la psicología anormal
The big picture in this chapter is what psychology is, its definitions, that not only psychologists study the subject, but medical practitioners,jurists, authors, among others, can also study it; what is abnormal psychology when it was born and how the intuition plays a big part in this science.
It is mentioned that the scientist who use thescientific method are not agree with how the abnormal psychology works (hunches). They say it’s difficult to them to drop valid conclusions.

The text seen on this part of the chapter helps us tounderstand a little bit more what is psychology and abnormal psychology and how they work, separately and linked to each other.

A definition to abnormal
What is normal? What is abnormal? What is itabnormal? Thos are the questions answered in this part. First of all, to have a correct definition of “abnormal” we need to know the right definition of “normal”. What do we understand by “normal”. Well,it could be the “average”, the “standard”. The literal definition is “away from the normal”
So, what is an abnormal behavior? In the society, for instance, an abnormal behavior would be when aperson acts in a way and his behavior doesn’t smoothly fit in a group of people. Otherwise, it would be considered “normal”.

Age, Sex and Status Variants
This topic talks us about how age, sex and yourstatus variants are essential in how the society will see you in a normal or in an abnormal way.

The age will be the first to look. It is said that you have to “act your age”. For example, if an8-year old kid is forced to work, we would feel pity for him because we would say: “Oh, poor little boy, he is not enjoying his childhood”. And when college student is seen playing with toy cars you...
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