Introduction to teamwork

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KWL Chart

Team Work


What I Know | What I Want to Know | What I Learned |
We have to support everyone in every time. | How to deal with a different opinion and accepted. |Always say what you thing because that idea can make the difference or like to everyone in your group |
Sometimes is difficult to be with a different personality than yours. | Used all my abilitiesto improve my confidence. | Deal with a problem and solved it together. |
Team work is an important value that we used every day. | Have more confidence in my teammates | I learn to have fun andrelax when we all work together. |
We always have to be unit and use all the ideas to make a bigger idea. | Learn how to make a purpose or a goal in the beginning to achieved experience in the end. |I learn to develop all the necessary to function as a unit. |
We have to be in any time a organize group and always be responsible with our job. | Learn how to assigned roles by their personality ortheir abilities. | I got a good feeling from working together after all. |
| Learn how to be comfortable and be social with my teammates. |  To make a productive and healthy work environment. || I would like to learn how to make me feel comfortable with my job. | |

Reflection Template

Topic: Teen Work

Analyze the difference between the before and after of a topic(anynew view and experience) |
| Before | After |
Perspective | I think that teamwork was for only to finish the work faster that all the time that takes to do it alone. | With other people the workcan be better done because more heads think well than one. |
Understanding | We have to support each other to achieve a goal and finish the job as a team. | We don’t have only to do the work also wehave to enjoyed the company, the other ideas and be grate full because we have someone can help us and not do it alone. |
Strength of evidence | All over the last year we have to many projects...
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