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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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Introductory Paragraph

Mary Christman’s husband said, “If the child (Amy Hermanson) does not receive medical attention, she will be dead within a week”. After few days Amy died of diabetes.Incredibly, Amy had to endure weeks of pain and symptoms but her parents insisted on giving an alternative treatment. They decided to try to heal the child with prayer rather than seeka doctor’s aid. Can really parents take this risk? … The children are entitled to grow up healthy and we can not play with their lives despite our beliefs.

Children can not decide what to dowhen they feel sick or when they have some ilness or disease. Parents must help them with any efective cure but if the treatment that they have already choosen to hel them does not work theyshould change to a diferent treatment. Amy had lost 10 pounds; her muscles tone had virtualy gone; her ayes were sunked and functionig separetely and she could barely walk and had to be carried. Allindications pointed to diabetes and any prayer worked to help her. So, If you deny them the acces to a conventional medicine, you are violating their right to grow up healthy.

I agree that peopleare entitled to choose their own beliefs and also that is a constitucional right: parents freedom of religion, It does not mean that parents can not be judged for negligence with their childrenbecouse of their beliefs only. So, The Hermansons didn´t try anything elsethan prayer. I mean, Amy died of diabetes and could have thousands of treatments in the world to fight this desease and if youask me, I will try everything to save my doughter´s life.

So, can we put our principles or beliefs in first place than our children´s life? Or can parents close every door which is not agreewith their beliefs?. Remenber that church members acknowledged that their methods sometimes fail, so they shuold tried some thing else. Anything that parents do for their childrens will be enoght.