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Alexander Graham Bell (phone)
• 3/March/1847-August 2, 1922
• Contributed to the development of telecommunications and aviation technology
• His research led him to try to get the patent of thetelephone in America
• In 1888, Alexander Graham Bell was one of the founders of the National Geographic Society
The telephone is a telecommunications device designed to transmit acoustic signals byelectrical signals at a distance. Very similar to the Italian.Long Alexander Graham Bell was considered the inventor of the telephone, along with Elisha Gray. However Bell was not the inventor of thisdevice, but only the first to patent it. This occurred in 1876. June 11, 2002 United States Congress adopted resolution 269, which recognized that the inventor of the telephone had been Antonio Meucciwho called it Italian, and not Alexander Graham Bell. In 1871 Meucci only could, by economic difficulties, presenting a brief description of your invention, but did not formalize the patent beforethe United States Patent Office

Lee DeForest (radio)
* 1961 June 1873-30 August 26
* It was an American inventor with some 300 registered patents.
* His father intervened directly in theeducation of children, hoping to educate the religious vocation.
* However, Lee preferred science and was found to have great aptitude for it, building batteries and engines which wereprofessional quality. In the Sheffield scientific school
* The young inventor married in 1908
* Antennas on rooftops skyscraper was built and installed its electronic equipment of sound amplification(microphones) in theatres and at the Metropolitan Opera House
* Radio (understood as radio or broadcasting, not strictly synonymous terms) 1 is a means of communication based on sending audio signalson the waves of radio, although the term is also used for other forms of sending audio to distance such as the Internet radio.

Jacob Perkins (refrigerator)
* • July 9, 1766 - July 30, 1849...
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