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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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Many of the inventions in science have marked a before and an after from his appearance. We are not talking about new inventions, of course, but that scientific inventions and technological inventions that have made history for its significance in revolutionary terms for their respective disciplines.
In response to this and so the commemoration of its centenary, The London Science Museum has inend of 2009 conducted a survey to 50000 people in which they were asked that all scientific inventions that have been developed they chose which considered it more important.
Of the respondents 50000, 10000 chose the x-ray machine as the most important technological invention, leaving it in the first place, followed by penicillin and the DNA Helix dóble. Inventions of the engineering, medicineand technology make up the list of the 10 most important inventions, which we leave then.
1 X-ray machine

X-rays are electromagnetic radiation of the same nature as the radio waves, microwave waves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays and gamma rays. On November 8, 1895 were discovered by the physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. He called them "unknown rays", or what is the same: "x-ray"because I did not know that they were or how were caused.
1This is a invent for seen the bounds of the body 2the x-ray use a dark paper 3the figure to you can see always be in a wait color 4you need 40 minutes to revolute the radiographies 5 is an instrument very important in the medicine 6almost of this paper are making for graffito 7to watch them need light 8 the duration ofthis picture is about 20 years in the best conditions
2 Penicillin
Penicillin’s are antibiotics of beta-lactams profusely employed in the treatment of infections caused by sensitive bacteria. Although it is generally attributed to Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin on September 28, 1928, many times and different cultures came through observation and experience to know and use thebactericidal properties of molds.
1you can founded how an aspirin or an injection 2contain drugs 3serve for control the pain 4it’s an antibiotic 5you can buy this medicine in the drugstores 6its a very effective solution to feel good when you get a flu or a headache 7is very small 8 this antibiotic is very used in the war for the soldiers
3 Double DNA Helix
Deoxyribonucleic acid,often abbreviated as DNA (and DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid English), is a type of nucleic acid, a macromolecule that forms part of all cells. It contains the genetic information used in the development and operation of known living organisms and some viruses, being responsible for their hereditary transmission. James Watson and Francis Crick proposed the model of the DNA double helix in 1953 torepresent the three-dimensional structure of the polymer of DNA.
1is the molecular structure of the human body 2you need a genetic information to obtainer the DNA for some one. 3only can you see it in the laboratories 4it’s a good invention because this help the criminal investigation 5it´s genetic information 6 you can founded in the human body 7its cool
4 The Apollo 10 capsuleTenth flight of Apollo (officially referred to as AS-505), was released on May 18, 1969 with Thomas p. Stafford - Commander - John w. Young and Eugene a. Cernan aboard. This mission was a combination of the previous two, as for the first time the lunar module L.M. stood next to the Moon orbit, and there were the necessary maneuvers that had already taken place in orbit around the Earth.Characteristics:
1 it´s making about many metals 2it´s big 3have a yellow color 4suport high temperatures 5its a big computer because is making of scraped things 6 its heavy 7is technologic 8have many functions
5 Rocket V2

The Vergeltungswaffe 2 (V2), known as ' A4′ in its stage of development, was the first ballistic missile in the world used by the nazi Germany during World War II, was the first...
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