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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2012
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Activities to develop and evaluate multiple intelligences in the classroom

In reference to my post on  the importance of developing interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences of Gardner in theXXI century , it seems appropriate to reflect on activities we can do in the classroom with our students to develop and evaluate the different skills you have.
Ling Intelligence IU stica:·          I ESEARCH accompanied with oral reflective
·          Check in books and magazines physical and virtual in order that they can cite authors and include appointments in other contexts.
·         Brainstorming with students ( Brainstorming )   to generate original ideas in a relaxed atmosphere  and can lead to dialogue and debate
·          Games with words like (hand stop me), crosswords, wordsearches, Hangman
·          Reading aloud stories, stories, poems, tongue twisters.
·          Bring a journal or play reporter where the student has to narrate the scene with several details.
Logic andMathematics Intelligence:
·       Problems written for the student to interpret them in an equation.   
·          Scientific demonstrations
·          Exercises graphics operations with elements(for early stages)
·          Games assemble elements like Rubik cube puzzle, Sudoku
·          Simulations and practices of buying and selling items
·          Logic games like chess and checkersSpatial Intelligence
·          Use diagrams to group information
·          Maps to get to a specific point
·          Management Plans, 3D drawings, artists'
· Isometrics
· Imagine, graph anddescribe a scenario
Kinesthetic Intelligence:
· Activities related to body language, theater, dance, martial arts.
· Integrate the theatrical performance of a work they are reading in class
·Crafts, art and aesthetics related to a topic
· Student participation in contests book read, poems or recitations where you use your body language and expression.

Musical Intelligence:...