Investigacion de green peace

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Andrés López Villarreal
Greenpeace was born in 1971 in a very spontaneous. A group of Canadian anti-nuclear activists, some Quakers and American conscientious objectors who had taken refuge inCanada not to participate in the Vietnam War, formed a small organization called "Do not Make a Wave Committee" (Committee "Do not provoke a tidal wave ")
This group was protesting against theU.S. nuclear tests carried out in the archipelago of Amchitka (Alaska), northern Canada. The band's name referred to the possibility that, being a seismically unstable area, the atomic tests were carriedout there could cause a tsunami. After carrying out other initiatives, finally decided to charter a fishing old, the Phyllis Cormack, and traveling with him to the area should take place the nuclear test, toprevent physical presence that the bomb was exploded. For this trip, renamed the ship with a new name, which summarized the group's philosophy:

Greenpeace "We want peace and want it tobe green" stated one of the crew to the press before sailing from Vancouver (Canada) to go to Amchitka, a place of great ecological value for the major seabird colonies within it.

The trip wasa disaster. The improvised sailors spent most of the time dizzy, internal disputes were common in domestic affairs, and finally the mistake of not paying enough attention to the legal paperwork gave the opportunity for theU.S. Coast Guard to stop the boat when he was about to reach their destination, based on the failure of some minor formalities that the crew had overlooked. They couldn't stop the nuclear test butfortunately, there was no tsunami.

As a direct action, Amchitka expedition was a failure. However, as campaign strategy, was an outstanding success

who choose his members?
World is ledby Greenpeace International Board. The International Board is elected at the General Assembly to be held once a year. The Assembly is made ​​up of one representative from each office.

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