Investigacion de operaciones

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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This story is about of the importance of the technology, the software and the mathematical analysis. The police Chief RodneyMonroe who previously just surfing the web to check the scores of golf. But time before he becomes a crime analyst using a type of intelligent software that helps you to look that there is more crimeneighborhoods.
The scientist Jon M. Kleinberg says the results are a “revolution in measurement” and the “introduction of computing and algorithmic processes into the social sciences in a big way.”And you can see this evidence in the economy, business and crime prevention.
The digital age, has opened the door to detailed measurement in the work of the professionals and office workers who arein charge of ideas and information from customer, suppliers, colleagues and marketers. The desire to explore the analysis of mathematics has always been in the 60's and 70's the implementation ofoperations research has served to help the managers to have greater efficiency in the production of their enterprises Although this is only limited access to information systems and due to its quantity andquality were not the most appropriate. Most companies now have the right tools to do an analysis, due to extensive digital information.
Computing and mathematics have helped both wholesalers andretailers to decipher results that are highly relevant to their business.
El texto nos muestra la importancia de la unión de las matemáticas y la computación, para dar posibles soluciones aproblemas de la vida cotidiana.
La historia que el autor nos muestra en el primer párrafo, acerca del policía que utiliza la web para observar puntajes de golf pero que después se da cuenta que conla implementación de un software a su trabajo facilitaba la obtención de datos.
La computación sofisticada y el análisis matemático son notables en diferentes carreras y vemos como estas pueden...