Investigacion del sida

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Gabriela W.
Jueves 3 de junio del 2010
Sir: Good morning Bella.
Bella: Good morning I’m coming to return the book, I borrowed.
Sir: You finished it.
Bella: Yes, I can´t stop readingthat.
Sir: Choose another one.
Bella: Yes, I want another that has a magic story swords fight, and things like that.
Sir: That one is the best in that category, but I give it to you and if you like it,it’s yours.
Bella: But Sir….
Sir: I insist
Bella: Ok, thanks very much.
Rub: Nice shook Gaston you’re the greatest hunter in the whole world.
Gaston: I knew
Rub: Nobody have a chancebeside you and no girl forget that.
Gaston: it’s true Rub everybody are nothing between me.
Rub: But that girl, you want her!
Gaston: that’s true I put my ease in her. She is de one, the luckygirl that married me. The most beautiful girl in town.
Rub: I know but…
Gaston: I want the best.
Gaston: Hello Bella
Bella: Hello Gaston. Can you give me my book please?
Gaston: Howcan you read this, there are not pictures, so bored.
Bella: Some people use your imagination.
Gaston: It’s a bad time to red looked at me. And put attention in more important thing. They have town istalking about it. That’s no good that a woman read so much. It’s so bored.
Bella: Gaston that’s a fantastic thing.
Gaston: thanks Bella jaja. We can take a woke place.
Bella: Maybe another time.Pleas Gaston I can’t, I have to get home to help my father good bye.
Rub: jajaja she goes so soon to help an old men.
Both: jajajaja
Bella: Don’t talk about my father like that.
Gaston: Don’t talkabout her father that way.
Bella: My father isn’t crazy is a genius.
Both: jajajajaja
Bella : Papa?
Papa: Ok Ok I’m all right.
Bella: You shore papa
Papa: I have a little problem with thislittle thing but I can solucionate that.
Bella: I think you say that.
Papa: I never mean that this can’t be ok.
Bella: I think that you are the best invent and you are going to win the first place...
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