Investigacion meeting

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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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Investigation Meeting
26 of April 2010

Jaime Quintela
Justin Tew
Amanda Deluque
Note Taker
Mauricio Parra

AD Do you know why we are here today?
JQWell, I received a message on Saturday 24th April to inform me about a disciplinary investigation being carried out on Cesar Yunda (site supervisor at Logica / St Pancras) for Misappropriation and Misuseof Cash Belongings to the Company.

AD -Ingrid Curbata (operative at Logica / St Pancras) has accused Cesar Yunda of misappropriation and misuse of cash belongings to the company, Did you knowanything about it?
JQ/ No, I don’t know anything about it!

AD Did CY use to report to you whilst you were the area manager responsible for Logica?

AD Was CY ever trained or inducted byyourself or any of your area supervisors during your time as the area manager?

AD Who was responsible for employing or recruiting new staff at Logica during your time?

AD Did you ever authoriseCY to employ or recruit new staff at Logica?

AD Was CY as the site supervisor aware of the Company's rules and regulations and Logica's Laws?

AD Did you ever authorise CY to make allnecessary arrangements for operatives to cover each other and then once wages were paid into individual employee bank accounts claim the money back from them in cash?

AD - Did you know IC was paiddirectly into her bank account back in November 2009 and then she was asked by to pay back the difference due to the fact that she was off sick for a few days?
JQ/ I didn’t know anything.

AD -Did you know if IC gave money back to CY then?
JQ/ No, I didn’t know anything about it.

AD - IC was sick at the time and as a result of it she was absent for one day, Did CY call you to informyou about her absenteeism?
JQ/ No, didn’t know anything about it.

AD - Did you ever have a discussion with CY about bringing a new recruit into the building (Logica / St Pancras), without...
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