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Ghost / SOE Build

Education Queensland - Emerald District
Compiled by… Vern Bunn – System technician – Emerald District & Liam Spencer – Trainee System technician.
Adapted for Web Pages by Bruce Rackemann - Education Adviser, Central PCAP
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| Introduction | 1 Basics of image creation and transfer | 2 Creating boot-disks and build-disks for the SOE |
| 3How to build an SOE XP computer | 4 How to prepare and store an image | 5 Ghost Console basics |
 | 6 Methods of image transfer/deployment | Appendix A | Appendix B | Glossary |





















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|[pic] |This document is not intended to bea comprehensive Ghost manual, Symantec have already |
| |done that. Nor is it a replacement for Education Queensland’s SSOE documents. |
| |We are merely trying to supply the basics required to build, take images from and deploy |
| |images to EQ CSOE computers in the Emerald district.|
| |Many references in this document are Emerald District specific with regard to mappings, |
| |scripts etc. |

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 1 Basics of image creation and transfer

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|What is on a hard-drive? |
|        MBR (Master Boot Record) |
|        FAT (File Allocation Table) ||        System files |
|        Data files |
|  |
|For example, a 10Gigabyte hard-drive =10,000,000,000 bytes of data or (1 byte = 8 bits) 80,000,000,000 ones and|
|zeroes stored on tiny magnetized sections of the disk. The computer user only sees the Windows system files such|
|as those in C:\ or C:\Windows and their data files like word documents. The MBR (master boot record) of a |
|hard-drive is what the CPU talks to to work out how to start the computer and get Windows up andrunning. The |
|FAT (file allocation table) defines where each file stops and starts so that Windows can make sense of all the |
|ones and zeroes. Without any one of the first 3 items, the computer will do absolutely nothing! |
| |
|An ‘image’ is simply a snapshot ofevery one and zero on the disk that is crunched into one big file (usually |
|with a *.gho extension) that can be stored on another computer (we usually store them under Z:\images on your |
|server). The Ghost program itself uses some ingenious manipulation to create the image file, and similarly, |
|allows us to deploy the image on to another hard-drive in another computer, even if ithas slightly different |
|characteristics.   |
|Because Windows XP ties itself very closely to the hardware in each computer, without some preparation, the only|
|machine its image will work on is the one it was created on. The tool we use to prepare the image for Ghosting |
|is Microsoft’s...