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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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“My very individual tastes”
Answer the following questions and write a page using your own information.
1. How would you describe your stylein clothes?
2. Do you think that the clothes say a lot about you?
3. What do your clothes say about you?
4. What is your favorite outfit?Describe it.
5. What kinds of color don´t your wear?
6. What would you never wear?
7. What is your taste in music? Give an example.
8. Howwould you describe yourself as person?
(Remember to use clothes patterns, colors and styles)
Well, I can describe my own taste in clothes, likefresh and casual. Always mixing colors, earrings, necklace, hair style, colors fingers... but never trying calling attention. That's something Ihate, I think is a little unnecessary this.
I think the clothes speak for the person; the clothes can reflect the mood, through the colors,the face and if the case, the makeup, is this last is not much important.
When I wear my clothes, I try to feel me good; this is something I loveand always wearing warm colors depending of the weather.
My favorite outfit... I think is the night clothes, 'cause in these clothes theelegance is the first that people see.
I don't like use spaghetti straps and embroidered, I love to use all colors if combined well.
I can hear allkind of music, except rap.
I describe myself how a crazy person with my friends, serious in the university, honest, happy and friendly.
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