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Since the late nineteenth century, scientists have observed a gradual increase
in average surface temperature
the planet. This increase is estimated to have been between
0.5 ° F and 1.0 º F. The ten warmest years of the twentieth century
occurred between 1985 and 2000, with 1998 the year
Hot to have data. This warming has
reduced snow-covered area in the northernhemisphere, and
has caused many ice floes
floating in the Arctic Ocean has melted. It has also recently
noted how, because this increase in temperature, large portions of
Antarctic ice have broken off the rest of the polar body, thus reducing
the size of Antarctica.

Causes of global warming

Thanks to the presence in the atmosphere of CO2 and other gases responsible
the greenhouseeffect of solar radiation that reaches the Earth is
retained in the atmosphere. As a result of this retention of heat,
average temperature on Earth's surface
reaches about 60 º F, which is conducive to the development of
life on the planet. However, as a result of
the burning of fossil fuels and other activities
human associated with the process of industrialization,
concentration ofthese gases in the atmosphere has
increased considerably in recent years. This has led
the atmosphere to retain more heat than they should, and is the cause of today
known as global warming or global climate change.

Irreparable consequences

• The melting of glaciers;
• Droughts cause the most severe water shortages;
• Deforestation increases or raises deserts;
• Hurricanes,cyclones, warming it with more water to evaporate from the oceans promoting these types of disasters;
• Rising sea levels will produce coastal flooding;
• Disruption of habitats such as coral reefs and forests could lead to extinction many species of plants and animals caused changes in the ecosystem.
• Heat waves caused deaths of elderly people and children, especially in Europe;
• Forests,fields and cities will face troublesome new pests and more mosquito-borne diseases.

Consequences of global warming

Weather - Global warming has caused an increase in temperature
average surface of the Earth. Because of the merger of portions of
polar ice, sea level underwent a rise of 4-8 inches during the past
century, and it is estimated that there will continue to rise. Themagnitude and frequency of rainfall has also increased
due to increased evaporation from bodies
surface water caused by the increase in temperature.
Scientists estimate that the average temperature
earth's surface can reach up to 4.5 º F increase in
Over the next 50 years (2001-2050), and up to 10 º F
during this century. This increase in water evaporation
result in an increase in theintensity and frequency of
hurricanes and storms. It will also be the cause of the
soil moisture is reduced due to the high rate
evaporation and sea level rise an average of nearly
2 feet on the shores of the Americas and the Caribbean.

Health - A rise in temperature of the Earth's surface and bring
resulted in an increase in respiratory diseases
cardiovascular disease caused bymosquitoes, and tropical pests, and prostration and dehydration
due to heat. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems
affected because, under conditions of heat, the person must
exert greater effort to perform any activity
putting more pressure on these systems.
Moreover, as in tropical areas
extend to higher latitudes, mosquitoes
and other pests responsible for dengue, malaria,cholera and yellow fever in the tropics affect a
larger share of the world's population, increasing
number of deaths from these diseases.
Surface Water Quality - Although it will increase the magnitude and frequency of rainfall events, the water level in lakes and rivers will decrease
due to additional evaporation caused by the increase in temperature.
Some permanently flowing rivers...
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