Invictus essay

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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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Invictus essay

It all begins in South Africa on 1990, when Nelson Mandela got out of jail and many South Africans were proud of him proud and voted for him. Mandela wins and becomes the presidentof South Africa, even that he was at jail during 30 years because of possible terrorism. Also that same year, the Apartheid ends. When Mandela got to his, he sees the white people leaving the placeand he want to change that. It was the reason why the apartheid ended, so he calls everyone to tell them they were still going to keep their job. Everyone was confused of what was happening. The worldcup of Rugby began and the game was between South Africa and England, Mandela attends to the game, unfortunately South Africa loose the game and the country was cheering to England, Mandela had to stopthis.

Francois is the leader of the team and they were giving up to the game, but Mandela wanted to change that so he calls him to drink a cup of tea with him. Mandela talks to him about havinghigh expectation and always with good motivation. That is the key of success and it could possibly change the country when they win the Rugby game. Also, he says to to go to a poor town and teach theAfrican children how to play because it could be a nice thing to do and their parent will be surprised. So the team decided to go and it was a success, everyone was happy and they were having a goodtime. The time goes and the world cup was still on the move, the team changes their name to Springboks and they win every game until they reach to the final game with New Zealand.

The finalgame was in a few days and the team decides to run for exercise and they reach to a harbor were a boat takes them to the jail were Mandela was for 30 years and they see how horrible it was. When they gotback, Francois gives to the team a poem that Mandela gave to him called Invictus and it was just to get an inspiration. So the the final game has come and everyone was nervous, but they were ready...
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