Invisible love

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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Invisible love

I’m going to tell you a story about a crazy love that took place in downtown Paris. This is the story about a friend of mine, Hipolyte.
It was a snow and cloudy day in Paris, maybethe coolest day of our lives. Hipolyte and I were watching the construction of what today is the Eiffel Tower. We were arguing about how unusual and awesome the architecture can be until the nightfalls down.
Hipolyte lived in downtown Paris, so it was close of his place. He arrived to his apartment and he took a shower. While taking the shower he saw a very particular shadow on the floor; itwas a lady-shaped shadow. He took a towel as fast as he could and went out of the shower but he couldn’t see anything.
Terrorized by the experience, he tried to sleep but he stayed awake the wholenight.
The next morning while making the breakfast he saw a young lady sat in the living room. She was a well-white dressed lady with skin as white as the snow with a very blonde hair.
Hi- he said witha silly voice. Why are you talking to me- she said with a shy and confused voice- don’t you see I’m death?
She was the prettiest girl he has ever seen. He tried to answer but she lady fadedinstantly.
I didn’t see Hipolyte for three weeks after he saw her. After those three weeks at the Notre Dame Cathedral. He told me things about her and he wanted for me to know her so he took me to hisdepartment. In his department, I saw her sat in the living room. I just couldn’t believe it, she was the most beautiful and indescribable woman I’ve ever seen. Her name was Nina; she was killed by herfiancé 30 years ago in that same apartment. Hipolyte told me that he was in love with her.
The days, the months, and the years passed by and they were more and more in love with each other. In May 4,1891 they were engaged. It would have been the most unusual wedding in Notre Dame. The wedding’s day was a rainy day in Paris, They met the Priest but he didn’t want to marry them.
They wanted to live...
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