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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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Campus Involvement Paper: Visit of Mr. Carlos Sabater
About a month ago, I received via mail an opportunity for extra credit by Professor John Cox, for the class “Accounting for Planning andControl”-section RVC. It was a conference meeting that would be held at the Special Events Center on the CBA building. Knowing how complicated this class can be, I decided to attend this conference in orderto make up some extra points just in case I ever needed them. It was a meeting with Carlos Sabater, U.S audit leader, managing partner and member of U.S board of directors, Deloitte & Touch LLP,and last but not least FIU alumni, BBA class of 88. The event was hosted by Joyce Elam, the dean of the college of business and important faculty was also present to welcome Mr. Sabater. There was anhour long presentation followed by a reception. Being one of the highest ranking professionals in the accounting industry, he went on to tell us about his twenty five years of experience in auditingand accounting, out of which 15 has been a partner. We learned how he has worked with clients in consumer products, healthcare, real estate, technology and other industry sectors.
Deloitte isactually one of the big four accountancy firms along with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernest & Young, and KPMG. Deloitte, the company for which Mr. Sabater holds all of these important charges is the largestprofessional services firm in the world with over one hundred and eighty thousand employees. Some of the experiences that he shared were how he we should always strive for CONSISTENTLY high qualityof work, which in the end will be given a high value. He also encouraged people with leadership skills to exploit them and not let our resources go to waste.
Mr. Sabater was also emphatic on howgrateful he was for the quality of education he received at FIU when he was our age, and mentioned how he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for FIU. Personally, I thought that he should have...
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