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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Loscar and cesar: are sitting waiting for their friends to go to the movies.
Loscar: lady gaga is the best singer of the moment
Cesar: That'sclearly not linkin park
Loscar: lady gaga dance and sing better.
Cesar, but dancing in thong hot hot dog.
Loscar: ok
Loscar and cesar: hahaha
Uriel andmitli: pancho approach who is hot?
Cesar: No it's better than lady gaga.
Uriel: go.
Are walking a young crying
Losco: hello to you?
Alan: Nothinga girl, problems in my home, my parents do not understand me, say I'm the milkman's son, I was in the trash
Uriel: ooh
Mitli: and what is your name?Alan: Alan
Cesar: Where do you live?
Alan: In my house ,..........
In san jose.
Uriel: we go to the movies you want to go?
Alan: amm yes.
Whatare their names?
Losco: Losco
Mitli: mitli
Cesar: cesar
Uriel: Uriel.
Mitli: What movies do they like?
Losco and uriel: science and fictionCesar: horror
Alan: comedy.
Mitli: ok we go to see Cualla this.

See the movie ...

Cesar: That movie is more bad
Uriel: yes, I do not know whetherit was or was not
Mitli: whether to go elsewhere
Losco: the park
Mitli: buy some ice cream:
Alan: And you where you live?
Uriel: in red hillLosco: santa monica
Cesar: carrillo
Mitli: Loma Bonita
Alan: Well it's late I have to withdraw
Losco: What is your cell number?
Alan: 4421160197 Whatis yours?
Uriel: mine is: 4421042664
Losco: 4421596306
Mitli: 4423196569
Cesar: 4423673643
Alan: goodbye
Losco, stop, mitli, uriel: goodbye.