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Two cameras and video recording. The dual core A5 chip. The same 10-hour battery life. All in a thinner, lighter design.
iPad 2, is all-new design. It’s 33percent thinner and lighter, and it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books.

Dual-core A5 chip.
It’s fast, times two mean iPad can dotwice the work at once.it makes a difference when you’re surfing the web, watching movies, making video calls, gaming, and going from app to app


Withup to nine times the graphics performance, iPad is even smoother and faster graphics help apps perform better especially those with video.
with the newthinner and lighter design, iPad has the same amazing 10-hour battery life. That’s enough juice for one flight across the ocean, or one movie all-nighter
LED display.iPad is one big display 9.7 inches of high-resolution photos, movies, web pages, books, and more. LED makes everything you see remarkably crisp and bright. Even inplaces with low light, like an airplane.

Wi-Fi and 3G.
Two ways to stay connected.every iPad It automatically finds Wi-Fi networks .iPad is also available with 3Gconnectivity on either Verizon Wireless networks. So if you’re somewhere without Wi-Fi, such as out doors on a camping trip or on the road, you can still surf the web, checkemail.
iPad knows your every move.
With the built-in accelerometer, you can rotate iPad to portrait or landscape, or even upside down, and whatever you’re watching,reading, adjusts to fit the display. know your every twist, turn, tilt, and 360. It’s an epic win for gaming. And it’s just the beginning of better-than-ever iPad apps.
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