Irish rose

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  • Publicado : 12 de junio de 2010
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The store begins on July 31st 2004 in a hotel were many famous and important people is celebrating the first work of woman as the main actress in the movie called: “Irish Rose”. Her name was MaryFlynn. This woman is 18 years old and she is a world-famous fashion model. She always wanted to be an actress and that night her dream came true. Everybody in that place told her how great she was.However, there was a famous actor called Declan Knight who also appeared in the movie, but people don’t care about him. Photographers just took photos of the Mary. That night Mary was looking at Declan.She told herself that Declan was handsome and that he was the best-looking man there. Although it seemed to her that Declan was jealous because of the attention she had. The director of the Film wasthere too. He had always taken care of her. He couldn’t stop saying that she was great and that she could go and enjoy herself because it was her night.
So, Mary walked away the photographers andreporters until she saw a handsome young man with dark red hair across the room. He was looking at her with a smile on his face.
She felt her heart jump wildly and she couldn’t understand what washappening. In that moment she blinked for a while and when she looked again, the man was gone.
The party continued and Mary was busy listening to many important people. She smiled and laughed, drinkingchampagne. But she ate very little.
Suddenly, Mary wanted to dance and started to say that there was no dance floor. Also there was music playing, but it was too quiet. So Mary got frustrated. She felthot and needed to get outside. She went to the garden which was next to a large park, near a wood. When she arrived there she realized that she was not alone. The handsome man with dark red hair wasalso there. He was close to a gate that led into the wood. Mary walked to the gate, and as she did it, she heard music. It was coming from behind the gate. The handsome young man opened the gate and...